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Chardon Local School District


Thank you voters for supporting Issue 3 , which ensures our children continue to receive a quality education.  

Ohio Fair Funding Plan

If you believe our elected officials have an obligation to pass a funding plan that is more equitable we encourage you to support the Ohio Fair School Funding plan.  Chardon Local Schools superintendent Dr. Mike Hanlon participated in the process and believes it is in the best interest for our district.  Check out the plan here

Here are some reasons we support the plan:

  • The Fair Funding Plan clearly defines what it costs to educate a child in the State of Ohio
  • The method for distributing funds to school districts is clear, understandable, and results in a more predictable distribution of resources to districts based on their calculated capacity to support their schools locally.
  • Under the current funding formula, 84 percent of school districts in Ohio are not funded based on the formula and are either on a guarantee (receiving more funds than the formula says they should), or they are capped (receiving less funds than the formula says they should receive).  Clearly, the formula does not function as intended.  Chardon is a guarantee district.   Under the FFP, only 16 percent of the district will be on some form of transitional guarantee and no districts will be capped.
  • The FFP does not pit one district against another as in the current funding model, where changes in property valuation in one district can impact another district elsewhere in the State of Ohio.  
  • The FFP proposes funding students where they are educated.  For example, charter school funding would flow directly to the charter school without moving through the local district.  This ensures that local dollars stay in the district's schools rather than being redirected to a charter school.
  • The FFP is good for all of Ohio's school districts, creating a fair, transparent, and understandable approach to school funding.

Please contact our local representatives to encourage them to support the fair funding plan!

State Rep Sarah LaTourette (614) 644-5088
State Rep John Patterson (614) 466-1405
Senator John Eklund (614) 644-7718 
Senator Sean O'Brien (614)466-7182

Representative John Patterson

Representative Sarah LaTourette

Senator John Eklund

Senator Sean O'Brien


School Facilities Update

Here is a facility presentation that Dr. Hanlon gave at the April 15 School Board Meeting.  Let us know your thoughts!  Do you believe, like we do, that our children deserve academic spaces that better support 21st century learning?





Friday, February 16, 2018 2:55 PM

Thank you to the individuals who supported our May 2018 operating levy!

Platinum Sponsors ($1000 and more):

Shiffler Equipment- John and Karen Shiffler

Chardon Smile Center- Chris Phillips

NDS Orhtodontics- Steve and Meredith Gajda

Dan and Kathy McMaster

Sandy and Mike Royle

Bill and Lyn Skidmore

Gold Sponsors ($100-$999):

Paul Davis Resoration- Jeff and Cindie Suszynski

Royle Insurance Agency- Ben and Annie Royle

Hazen Contracting- Jeff and Karen Hazen

Eric Wachob

Mayfield Window Cleaning- Kevin Ash


Dr. Michael Hanlon

Melanie and Chris Scanlon

Koren Griffis

Stacey Camino

Karen Blankenship

Gabrielle and Alan Boose

Dr. Ed Klein

Jennifer Weinbrecht

Tiffany and Alan Bosiacki

Junction Auto- Ed and Connie Babcock

John Butala

Tamera Segulin

Guy Wilson

Rebecca Bennett

Jeff Fisher

Chassidy Rellinger

Amy Cohn

Beth Stickley

Denise and Paul Hagan

Diane Robbinson

Park Elementary PTO

Rhonda and Dwight Goss

Sheldon Firem

Residence Artists- Keith Landies

Friends of Chardon Schools (up to $100):

Bill and Debbie Hofstetter

Trevor and Gail Wilson

Greg and Stellie Spear

Kelly Moran

Debbie Pirnat

Tom and Melissa Norton

Shannon Monsman

Erin Niksick

Jodi Clute

Lynn Monaco

Loraine Baker

Kristin Firth

Haley Jonovich

Keith Brewster

Jennifer and Troy Maheu

Amelia and Matthew Ridgeway

Angela Moore

Jacqueline and Scott Brown

Cynthia and Bill Nells

Donna and Nicholas Pincone

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Jospeh Schultz

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Natalie Whiting

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Madelon Horvath

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